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Press release: Vocational training programme in 2016/2017

Press release: Vocational training programme in 2016/2017
Published date: 10.09.2016 17:00 | Author: PR Department

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The vocational training programme for persons with acquired higher education will be organized, in accordance with regulations, for the fifth time, in 2016/2017. The right to vocational training have persons with acquired higher education having no working experience in the specific level of education and are on the Employment Agency's register list.

The public call for registration of employers is published today and you can find it on the Human Resource Administration and the Employment Agency's websites.

The employers from the public and private sector, with their businesses in the territory of Montenegro, can register from 15 September to 15 October, after which follows the public call for future Programme beneficiaries.

In front of the deadline we will conduct a revision of received applications and all empoyers will be informed via official mail on the state of expressed needs for HE staff. Submitted applications are processed in order to avoid double or incorrect applications.

The beneficiaries' vocational training lasts for nine months and is acknowledged as working experience in the duration of 12 months and as a condition for taking the corresponding vocational exam.

The aim of the Programme is to facilitate the transition of youth from the world of education to the the world of labour by providing posibilities for additional acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to be competetive at the labour market. The Programme should also contribute to reducing youth unemployment, which the whole Europe faces today, as well as to offer guidelines to higher education institutions in drafting their enrolment policy.

The Programme Implementation Coordination Team