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Press release: Minister Boskovic visits Zabljak Municipality

Press release: Minister Boskovic visits Zabljak Municipality
Published date: 19.09.2016 00:00 | Author: PR služba Ministaratva prosvjete

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Minister of Education Predrag Boskovic visited on 19 September the Zabljak Municipality where he met the Mayor Veselin Vukicevic.

Minister talked with the Mayor about present issues in education and expressed his satisfaction with the results of the investments achieved in the past years, seen in the mild increase in the number of pupils. At the meeting there were no open questions regarding infrastructural issues.

Minister Boskovic pointed out that there will be talks in the forthcoming period on the new secondary education profiles.

Also, he looked back on the status of the kindergarten in Zabljak currently working as branch institution of the Preschool institution in Pljevlja and announced in the forthcoming period negotiations on the possibilities of different organization.
Minister Boskovic thanked the local authorities on their understanding and support provided in education.

The Mayor Veselin Vukicevic praised the successful cooperation between the Municipality and the Ministry, mentioning as latest examples the reconstruction of the electric network in a primary and secondary school and the reconstruction of the school roof in Njegovudja. He said that the local government is prepared to provide support to educational institutions and works on creating better conditions for pupils of Zabljak.