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Press release: Agreements on the donations of the Government of Japan officially signed

Published date: 26.03.2014 00:00 | Author: Ivona Međedović / Milena Roganović

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On 26 March 2014, agreements on the Government of Japan’s donations of were signed in the Ministry of Education of Montenegro.

The Government of Japan has donated 316.455 € for the PI Elementary school “Dzafer Nikocevic” in Gusinje, PI “Vukasin Radunovic” in Berane, Special Hospital for lung diseases in Berane, “Dr Jovan Bulajic” in Niksic, the Public-communal services “Andrijevica” in Andrijevica, and has provided support in improving the ecological services, and the health and education system in Montenegro.

At the signing ceremony, the following officials were present:

- His Excellency Masafumi Kuroki, the Ambassador of Japan in Montenegro;

- Mrs. Vesna Vucurovic, Deputy Minister for Education of Montenegro;

-Mr. Nebojsa Todorovic, Deputy Minister for Health of Montenegro;

-Mr. Sinisa Stankovic, Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro;

-Mr. Serif Feratovic, Director of the Elementary School “Dzafer Nikocevic”, Gusinje;

-Mr. Milutin Golubovic, Director of the PI Elementary School “Vukasin Radunovic”, Berane;

-Mrs. Gordana Reljic, Director of the Special Hospital for Lung Diseases “Dr Jovan Bulajic”, Niksic;

-Mr. Dusan Kuburovic, Director of the Public-Communal Services “Andrijevica” in Andrijevica.


Projects intended for satisfying population elementary needs (PENP) are aimed at supporting the social development through projects intended for satisfying elementary needs of population.   The Government of Japan provides necessary financial aid for realizing the projects contributing to the economic and social development of the country. Life environment, the health and social protection and education are the main areas of interest for the Government of Japan.

Including these donations, the Japanese aid through the projects for elementary needs of population, from 1998 in Montenegro has amounted to around 2 million Euros. The total amount of the Japanese aid in Montenegro for the same period was around 15 million Euros.